Thursday, 23 June 2016

Information Technology to Empower L Zone Development Project

The smart city dream of L Zone Delhi Development has variable attributes to develop the city intensively as an ICT enabled city with all the attributes and liking of a modern digitized city. However, on the path to implement it as a L Zone Smart Homes, the most imperative feature there includes, the deployment of broadband networks and extensive usage of Broadband Networks and smart devices and agents.

Among, many attributes of developing it as city, the structuring of Broadband networks is an important part in making of a smart city. A richer deployment of Smart ICT plan include the massive and serious installation of broadband network without which a digital application hardly work at any cost. The digital applications, while, adopting to facilitate all the citizen bases services it offer a smooth broadband structure that involves stages as cable, optical fibre and wireless networks as well too.

But, here just setting up of a network is not going to serve the fullest purpose of ICT enabled smart city, however, these services should reach at every individual living in a city. The web of an optical fiber interconnect all the important places in the city, involving, being as universities, business centers, technical and research institutes, government offices and emergency response units. These Fibre optic networks offer a basic backbone for providing a high-speed internet access.

As sensors are very necessary to the development of a L zone smart city powered with ICT, there installation is incomplete is a city without the usage of optic fibers that are very necessary for development of intelligent solutions in city. The next important factor in deployment of optical fiber involves widespread broadband access so that the entire city population could involve organizations, companies, municipalities and individuals can use it.

Further, it has an extensive usage as well in the ICT at institutions as health, security, police, fire departments, governance and delivery of public services.

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