Friday, 25 March 2016

Government Promises Robust Infrastructure In Smart City L-Zone

Dwarka sub-city is located in the South-west part of Delhi and is in the vicinity of the industrial hub Gurgaon. Dwarka in New Delhi is one of the most sought after residential areas in the city and is also Asia’s largest residential neighborhoods. Dwarka is famous for its robust infrastructure and well planned urban amenities.

The good news is that the l-zone of the Delhi Master Plan encircles this sub-city of Dwarka.  Smart City l-zone is the largest zone in the plan with more than 22,000 hectares of land. It is being said that the apartments in l-zone Dwarka will be built by some of the leading real estate developers of the country and is therefore, the most wanted zone in the upcoming Smart City.

Following will be the main features of Smart City L-zone infrastructure–

•    Availability of safe and sufficient drinking water
•    Adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities
•    Eradicating of poverty and hunger
•    Reducing child mortality
•    Improving  maternal health
•    Combating infectious diseases
•    Ensuring environmental stability

Investments experts have suggested that an investment in flats in L-zone Delhi stands to be a wonderful opportunity for people looking for a secured future and a change in lifestyle. The infrastructure will be not being obtuse like the current one in various parts of the city. One of the key attractions of the l-zone flats is that it will surround the sub-city of Dwarka which is already developed and has all the required facilities needed for a sustainable development.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Viable Modern Planning to Form India’s First Smart City Project

In the present scenario, for a city to make remarkable expression on the world, it has to be equipped with modern amenities and all kinds of facilities that are needed to live a high standard lifestyle. As of yet, the Indian metropolitans are far behind in the league of smart urbanization. The much anticipated Delhi Master Plan 2021 is said to put India up in the list of smart capital cities of the world.

Citizens across the country are excited about the forthcoming residential projects in Delhi NCR which will be constructed by eminent real estate builders as a result of government’s introduction of public private partnership module in the project.

The Master Plan has been uniquely plotted incorporating innovative and modern designs of world class infrastructure. Let us throw light on some of crucial insights of the plan which is set to revolutionize Delhi and NCR region from tip to toe.

1.    Physical Planning: Actively processed and organized structures that will function for orderly and effective usage of land.

2.    Social Planning: The plan envisages programs to identify the strength and weaknesses of different communities so as to improve their lives in a community based environment.

3.    Economic Planning: Properly allocated resource mechanism that targets the purpose of stability and development of economy fully related to effective utilization of natural resources. 

4.    Law and Administration Planning: Diligent and fast paced administrative patterns are made such that they articulate goals and objectives that align with strategic directions, measure outcomes on a regular basis and are used for improvements.

A city’s sustainable prosperity depends on all the above mentioned factors and the government has earnestly considered them in the Master Plan Delhi 2021. An infrastructure that is highly technologically enabled and supported by magnificent networks of transportation is going to be formed under the public private plan Delhi.

Monday, 7 March 2016

National Capital is set to Witness a Tremendous Infrastructural Expansion

MPD 2021 is planned to improve the quality of life for their residents and optimize internal productivity. To do this, the government is set to differentiate themselves by enhancing and consolidating their regional positioning and boosting their international profile.

The Master Plan incorporates several innovations for the development of properties sin L-zone. A critical reform has been envisaged in the prevailing land policy and facilitating public - private partnerships.

The following critical areas are the focal points of the Plan:-

1.    Public participation and plan implementation
2.    Incentivizing redevelopment
3.    Shelter and housing for poor
4.    Conservation of Heritage
5.    Mixed and resourceful use of land
6.    Enhanced trade and commerce
7.    Provision of all kinds of facilities
8.    Environmental protection

Delhi Heights Multi State CGHS Projects

The Delhi Master plan divides Delhi NCR into 7 different zones. The seven different zones are planned meticulously to undergo great levels of urbanization, once the plan is operational. Amidst the entire zones, the L zone that occupies 23,000 hectares of land encircling Dwarka is the largest and enjoys various dimensions.

•    Connectivity with Rohtak road, railway line at the north side and bound by NH-10.
•    Close proximity to Golf course and football stadium
•    Existing metro connectivity from Dwarka
•    Largest Ayurvedic Hospital is operational in this zone
•    Near to forthcoming AIIMS-II
•    Near to the upcoming Diplomatic Enclave
•    Close proximity to IGI airport

The properties in L zone will have distinguished charm as they will be surrounded by a green landscape and also, will feature international standard of modern amenities.

Vision-2021 is to make Delhi a global metropolis and a world-class city, where all the people would be engaged in productive work with a better quality of life, living in a sustainable environment.