Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Some Common Objectives to Be Attained Under Master Plan 2021

Master Plan Delhi 2021 devised to change the urban sphere in Delhi forever is a larger scheme of DDA (Delhi Development Authority) where an opportunity is given to private builders to buy land from farmers and then further develop the urban colonies at the borders of Delhi. Planned as modern urban settlements in accordance to the government’s policy of Smart City Policy, the planning and development of residential complexes by private builders as well as Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS) is taking place at different zones of MPD2021 according to the public private partnership plan.

One such project of optimum importance is Royal Homes in L Zone Dwarka to be developed by Delhi Heights CGHS Pvt. Ltd. A PPP model Royal Homes Dwarka situated at the south west Delhi is an important residential complex development scheme. 

Though a public private partnership plan Royal homes at many factors is a nice and important change to be taken care of and is suitable and most appropriate one for the detailed and extended living.  Plus, the extra time spent in your home could be just enough to help you ride out a downturn in the real estate market. It has following unique features as:- 

•    These homes offer a great chance and opportunity to grow. They are just as exact and equal to the changing demands of the contemporary and modern lives. If you can't make a place according to your present living needs, you can seek guidance as to build things later on.

•    Flexibility, there, is an important aspect that all types of homes to be looked out therefore for modern and contemporary living. At the scheme, an open-floor-plan style home is very adaptable.  It is a very unique and attractive place for living, especially, for the prospect and aspects of family living in a carful and peace living environment.

•    L Zone is provided in a very excellent and unique surroundings in Delhi. While purchasing a home, you just no get a home but also a unique and absolute surrounding too. 

It as a place has been made exceptional by its Proximity to a Golf Course & Football Stadium and existing metro connectivity from Dwarka

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Reasons behind the Evolution of L Zone

The rise of L zone as a planned city of future on the guidelines of master plan Delhi 2021 and land pooling policy has its share of story that even led to the rise in rates in property in Dwarka Delhi. The idea of L zone creation has primarily has been emerged from the massive migration towards Delhi that led to the development of city filled with ample chaos and disturbance there at the city.  
Master Plan Delhi 2021 thus as aligned to the residential projects in Dwarka Delhi has led to the same idea and concept to unburden pressure of population from the capital by creating five major sub cities at the outskirts of Delhi. According to master plan Delhi 2021 news surfaced at major national, this plan is directed towards making home for the around  24 million Delhi Citizens by 2021.  

The major policy focus in the new master plan Delhi is land pooling policy where private players according to the land acquisition as an initiative allowed to become a land acquire whereas   government planner DDA to play merely a role of an observer.

Residential projects in L Zone has been emerged after when DDA led to the major reshuffle in conventional land acquisition pattern prevalent in India in sixties. For example, the master plan in Delhi began around in year 1961. At that time, DDA used to take land directly from the farmers at its set prices.  And next step after land procurement was to sell and develop land piece by piece.   

The coming of the private players led to demand of home by 80ies consequently as well demand for land as well price rose, systematically. Observing private players, villagers even began demand for price rise from the government leading to the current land pooling policy and the base for L zone and other areas development as well.  At present National Capital of Delhi has been divided into 15 planning zones ranging from ‘A’ and ‘P.’