Friday, 19 August 2016

Funding, the most crucial issues is handled in PPP

L Zone that is very crucial and the most important segment into MPD 2021 on the way to development of Delhi according to the new urban planning stature and activities. Properties in Dwarka Delhi beyond the sector 21 extension into the L zone is based on the idea of Public private partnership, where on the basis of Land pooling policy, a city with a world class infrastructure is under development.
Realization of residential projects in Dwaraka Delhi on the basis of PPP is a step ahead, where, policy makers both at central and state levels have intense focus over the infrastructure investments to enable the further fast paced economic growth. One of the major reason for the government to set for the infrastructure projects on the way to PPP is overcoming the funding and technological challenges. Therefore, government has turned up to the private sector with the PPP route emerging as the most preferred method for cooperation. 

However, it is the strength of the PPP sector that has led it to grow beyond the key infrastructure segments ranging from roads and communications to power and airports.

Residential projects in L Zone are just not new to PPP concept in India and is been here for very long time but is rapidly developed and adopted into practice after the post liberalization, especially, after 2006. With the passage of time, the, role of PPP has been shot up to a considerable and whopping level further associated by much favourable economic policies and key reforms.

In L Zone, Dwarka, DDA land pooling policy is a core to the adoption of public private partnership. In the new policy, private players along with government agencies procure land from the farmers and would further develop the residential projects based on the cooperative method. After, the entire planning, the government agencies would be only be the care taker of the project and the rest of the work would be carried out by the private developers.