Friday, 25 March 2016

Government Promises Robust Infrastructure In Smart City L-Zone

Dwarka sub-city is located in the South-west part of Delhi and is in the vicinity of the industrial hub Gurgaon. Dwarka in New Delhi is one of the most sought after residential areas in the city and is also Asia’s largest residential neighborhoods. Dwarka is famous for its robust infrastructure and well planned urban amenities.

The good news is that the l-zone of the Delhi Master Plan encircles this sub-city of Dwarka.  Smart City l-zone is the largest zone in the plan with more than 22,000 hectares of land. It is being said that the apartments in l-zone Dwarka will be built by some of the leading real estate developers of the country and is therefore, the most wanted zone in the upcoming Smart City.

Following will be the main features of Smart City L-zone infrastructure–

•    Availability of safe and sufficient drinking water
•    Adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities
•    Eradicating of poverty and hunger
•    Reducing child mortality
•    Improving  maternal health
•    Combating infectious diseases
•    Ensuring environmental stability

Investments experts have suggested that an investment in flats in L-zone Delhi stands to be a wonderful opportunity for people looking for a secured future and a change in lifestyle. The infrastructure will be not being obtuse like the current one in various parts of the city. One of the key attractions of the l-zone flats is that it will surround the sub-city of Dwarka which is already developed and has all the required facilities needed for a sustainable development.

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